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  • The 2019 General Curriculum Revision Working Group focused on restructuring core knowledge and practical skills; discipline areas; diverse perspectives and global understanding; experiential education; evidence, analysis, interpretation and critique; creativity, ethics and judgment; communication and collaboration; and advising, assessment and amendment. The result was the new undergraduate curriculum called IDEAS in Action [PDF] that was fully implemented in the fall of 2022.
  • The Educational Policy Committee is concerned with educational policy matters that include the rules and regulations under which administrators and faculty conduct the educational activities of the University. The committee may advise the Faculty Council on prescribing the requirements for admissions, programs of study, and the award of academic degrees.
  • The Graduate Catalog contains official policies, course listings, and other information related to the Graduate School.
  • The Undergraduate Catalog contains basic information about undergraduate academic programs at UNC-Chapel Hill. Included are admissions standards and requirements, tuition and fees, financial aid information, and program and course descriptions.
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