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  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) oversees the University’s animal care and use program and is responsible for reviewing all animal care applications using vertebrate animals, ensuring compliance with federal animal welfare regulations, inspecting animal facilities and investigator laboratories, investigating animal concerns and overseeing training and educational programs.
  • Office of Clinical Trials is responsible for the administrative, regulatory, and institutional requirements to establish and conduct clinical research at UNC.
  • Office of Federal Affairs is charged with coordinating and expanding the university’s relationships with federal funding agencies, with strengthening the university’s contributions to national advisory panels and Congress and representatives of policy boards and with supporting the university’s federal initiatives.
  • Office of Research Communications conveys the impact, scope and innovation of UNC research to show the significance of research in improving lives in North Carolina and beyond.
  • Office of Research Development expands the University’s research capacity, engages scholars in transformative inquiry and contributes to the generation of new ideas in a competitive funding environment.
  • Office of Ethics Education and Policy Management encourages all members of the campus community – students, faculty and staff – to be an active part of achieving excellence in all our work and welcomes ideas and feedback for how to best support a culture of ethics and integrity.
  • The Faculty Committee on Research advises the chancellor, other administrators and the Faculty Council on matters of University policy and its implementation that have significant impact upon research.
  • Research Compliance Program advances the highest standards of ethics, integrity and honesty, and to compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and policies governing research, privacy and conflict of interest.
  • Research Units provides a list of research support and compliance offices and links to research information across UNC schools and departments.
  • University Committee for the Protection of Personal Data [link will be added, if this committee is still active] processes and structures for best practices regarding the security and protection of personal data in possession of the University. The Institutional Privacy Office is a good resource that provides training and assistance in conducting research activities to the highest level of integrity, confidentiality and professionalism.
  • Vice Chancellor for Research assists individual faculty members in their research endeavors, encourages interdisciplinary activities across campus and fosters programs that promote economic progress.
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