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  • Lump Sum Payments includes information regarding compensation for additional duties.
  • Policy on Non-Salary and Deferred Compensation includes information about moving expenses, the provision of a motor vehicle or motor vehicle allowance, the provision of housing or housing allowance, club memberships, or any other special benefit of monetary value provided to employees for job-related reasons. The policy also contains information about payments to an employee, employee account or plan that is paid later than the regular payment cycle.
  • Salary Increase Requests for Faculty outlines the process for permanent adjustments to base salary outside of the normal EHRA annual raise process, a salary supplement, or adjustment resulting from a job change resulting from either a competitive recruitment or waiver of recruitment.
  • Policy on Supplemental Pay includes information about supplemental pay intended to address temporary increases in responsibility or significant and substantial duties performed under unusual circumstances outside of normal work hours.
  • Summer Compensation Policy contains information regarding compensation for faculty conducting summer research and/or teaching summer school.
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