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new faculty resources

Resources for New Faculty

Are you new to Carolina and don’t know where to start? Visit our resource page to find links to orientation, benefits and job perks.

Dispute Resolution Resources

Dispute Resolution Resources

Visit this page to learn more are resources that are available to address workplace disputes, including information on filing a faculty hearing or grievance.

Suggest a Resource

Suggest a Resource

Visit this link to suggest a resource to add to the Faculty Handbook.




How to use this handbook

In 2014, the Office of Faculty Governance and the Faculty Welfare Committee began working to revive the UNC-Chapel Hill Faculty Handbook, which was last printed in 1994. Since that final publication, policies, procedures and resources that pertain to faculty life at the University have been made available on administrative and departmental websites, as well as at, an online repository of campus-wide policies. This latest version of the Handbook was updated in spring 2018.

Despite the availability of policies online, faculty have expressed the need for a handbook that digests relevant documents and resources in an easily accessible central location. While the Faculty Handbook is not intended to be a comprehensive document, we hope that it is a useful starting point for locating resources that might otherwise be difficult to find. The handbook is also designed to help new faculty explore the extensive resources for instruction, research and work-life balance that UNC-Chapel Hill offers. The Faculty Handbook does not amend the terms and conditions of employment stated in individual faculty appointment contracts. The handbook should be used only as a guide to help navigate resources, policies and procedures relevant to faculty.

The handbook is maintained by the staff in the Office of Faculty Governance.

To submit feedback about the Faculty Handbook, please visit the contact page.

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