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  • University Ombuds Office serves as a safe place where faculty are welcome to come and talk in confidence about any campus issue, problem, or dispute; the office supplements, but does not replace, the University’s formal channels, such as the grievance policy.
  • Faculty Hearings Committee conducts hearings and make recommendations on decisions to suspend, demote or discharge a faculty member for cause and decisions not to reappoint a non-tenured tenure-track faculty member on the grounds of misconduct, incompetence of neglect of duties. The scope of the committee is to only hear appeals on two types of decisions.
  • Faculty Grievance Committee is composed of faculty of all ranks to handle any grievance not within the jurisdiction of the Hearings Committee. Grievances typically involve alleged failure to follow established internal University, school, or departmental policies, unfavorable evaluations, and non-promotion to full professor. Policies and Procedures for the committee outline the committee’s charge, grievances covered by the committee and the appeal process. Questions regarding potential grievances should be directed to the chair(s) of the committee.
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